Bulk material sales

We sell and deliver bulk building materials at our site. We provide machine loading for our customers arriving with an open flatbed truck and trailer.
If you would like to request a quote, feel free to contact our colleagues at the contact details in the contact menu.


Mixed-screened arable land
Mixed with mining humus manure, which is ground and sieved. Excellent for use in gardening, easy to rake.

Potassium backfill sand
Sand for covering utility lines.

Potassium sand
Masonry sand, mortar raw material, fine

Kali “gravel”
Masonry sand, mortar raw material, granular.

Nyékládház gravel
Washed graded gravel. We have three types of fractions 4-8, 16-32, 24-63 at their site, which represent the size range of the gravel grains in mm. It can be used as a leaking, filter layer, or as a decoration in garden construction.

Sand gravel from Nyékládháza
Washed, graded sand-gravel. At their site we keep two types of fractions 0-4, 0-24 which represent the size range of the particles in mm. It can be used for concreting, making estrich concrete or as a bedding layer.

Kiskunlacházi sand
Washed graded sand. Gray with a grain size of 0-1 mm. Paving stone can be used for sweeping and plastering.

Crushed stone from Kisnána
Andesite crushed stone, brownish gray. It can be used as a road base, for making a car parking space, as a base layer under paving concrete, as a bedding layer under paving stone. Crushed stone types available at our site: NZ_0-80; NZ_0-20; NZ_11-22; KZ 4-8

Crushed concrete
Building material made by processing demolished concrete structures, based on its physical properties it can correspond to NZ_0-80 crushed stone.

Crushed stone from Pilisjászfalu
Dolomite crushed stone, white. Can be used as an ornament in garden construction.